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Workshops & Mentorships for 2024

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"These folks know what they’re doing, and not only are they making lots of people happy with their market goods (seriously, yum!), they are making a difference in food production and providing hands-on learning for fellow farmers. And, let’s not skip over the fact that these are seriously the nicest people ever."
- Jody

Building a Better Community, Together. 

Come learn with us! Over the years we have gained extremely valuable skills that we know are of interest to our local community. We offer a variety in-person workshops, virtual classes, & online mentorships.


We've always been extremely passionate about sharing our journey with others, in 2023 we started hosting workshops on the farm. We had an overwhelming response. It has been SO rewarding seeing you all learn skills that will stick with you for a lifetime. In 2024 we look to add more workshops and mentorship opportunities, be sure to check back frequently to see what else we've released! 

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