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Join us for a chicken processing workshop on the farm.


Every year we get inquiries from those of you who would like to have hands on experience processing meat birds, to equip yourself with a skill that will help feed your families. Join us May 27th or July 4thth from 8:30am - 12:30pm to learn step-by-step how to accomplish it yourself.


What to expect.


We will start off the morning discussing what type of meat birds are available and how to ethically source them.

Explain how to properly setup a brooder for your chicks and what care they require while in the brooder.

Give a breakdown of how we built our chicken tractors to rotationally graze our chickens on pasture & what they require during that stage.

Hands on experience of how to humanely dispatch your chicken, scald, pluck, evisterate, and bag your chicken.

You will take home the chicken you processed!


You will leave with a pamphlet of documents with everything we covered during the day.

An equipment list of what you'll need from start to finish.

We will film ourselves processing a chicken, and send to each one of our participants to look back onto when you process your own chickens.


Use “Farm Pickup” at checkout for no shipping fee!



Still have questions on what to expect? Email us at

Chicken Processing Workshop

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