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Registered Breeding Stock
Pork Production

KuneKune Pigs


About the Breed

KuneKune originated in New Zealand and were introduced to the United States in the 1970's. They are a true heritage grazing pig with minimal rooting. KuneKune are known for their unique color patterns, long hair, and short upturned snouts, and exceptional temperaments. They make excellent companions, are shown competitively across the nation, and are gaining popularity in pork production. 

If you're interested in learning more about the breed, visit the International KuneKune Hog Registry and you can view our registered stock/their genetics here

We offer registered breeding stock, and barrows (as companions or pork production). Ultimately, what your end goal(s) are for your herd will determine which will make the perfect fit. We are more than happy to help you make that difficult decision. 


Laying Hens & Meat Chickens

Our Practices

We raise two different types of chickens on our farm. We have a flock of laying hens and roosters for our egg production. We have countless breeds of chickens that make up this flock. They live out their days happily free ranging our property. They enjoy foraging for bugs, sunbathing in the summer sun and pecking through their locally sourced, GMO free feed from Homestead Harvest


The breed of chickens we chose for meat are Cornish Cross. They are known for their size and fast grow out times. We raise our meat chickens in chicken tractors on fresh pasture. They are moved out onto pasture at just 2 weeks of age. We move their chicken tractors onto fresh grass several times a day as they get older. They are fed a pastured poultry grower from Homestead Harvest. 

Our CSA members get both eggs and whole chickens in their CSA share and they are available in the market every Sunday at retail. 


Angus Cattle

Grass Fed, Grain Finished

When you visit our farm in Winchester, you won't see our cattle unfortunately. With expanding our beef sales we needed to lease land to raise our cattle because we outgrew what we could raise right here. Rest assured, the beef we sell is still raised by us, it just suited our needs to have them on more acreage. 


We raise black Angus cattle for our beef. They are known for the high level of marbling in their meat. All our cattle are rotationally grazed on pasture. We firmly believe in regenerative agriculture and raise all our animals to improve soil health. 

Our cattle are grain finished a small amount of GMO free feed from Homestead Harvest the last three months before processing. This enhances the marbling within the meat. In addition to that, the meat is dry aged for 21 days before it is processed. This results in steaks that are more tender, easier to chew and digest while at the same time increasing the flavor of the meat. 

We sell a limited amount of 1/2 shares of beef every year and usually have most cuts available at retail in the market at all times. 

Livestock Guardian


A livestock guardian dog is a term to describe several different breeds that are solely bred to protect livestock from predators. Goose, our LGD, is a Great Pyrenees. She is one of the main reasons we can safely raise our animals out on pasture. Some common predators we face in our area are coyote, fox, raccoon, bear, hawks and eagles. 

We welcomed Goose to our farm when she was 12 weeks old and she spends her time patrolling pastures for threats and chasing off anything that comes too close for her liking. 

She has become a part of the family and an essential part of our entire operation. 

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