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Originally, our mentorship was only available to those who have purchased pigs from us. We quickly realized there was a need to open it up to others seeking mentorship. 


We mentor each and every one of our customers as little or as much as you need. You can feel confident in the fact that you will not need to do this alone.


Our mentorship is presented in a private Facebook group. Upon purchase you will receive a link to join within 48 hours. 


The great thing about our mentorship? I am always adding content, how-to videos, creating discussions in the group, and host quarterly calls for everyone to get together via Zoom. To get lifetime access, all that is required is a one time fee. 


Things to expect in our mentorship include, but are not limited to:


  • Feeding Requirements
  • Breeding FAQ's
  • Housing options
    • CAD drawings of our shelters coming to our members soon!
  • Evaluating Body Condition
  • KuneKune specific Help Guides and Helpful Links with products we use on a weekly basis
  • All aspects of farrowing
  • How-To Videos
    • Castrations
    • Trimming hooves
    • Trimming tusks
    • Administering shots
  • Farrowing kit check list
  • How to identify a sick pig?
  • How to determine breeding stock quality
  • Best practices for you farm
  • Pork Production
    • How to plan, what things to take into consideration
    • Legalities of selling pork
  • Registration process 
  • How to create a small business revolving around KuneKune
  • Insurance questions
  • Marketing Strategies
  • One-on-one consults on an as needed basis


If you'd like to view one of our How-To videos before signing up, you can view our Ear Tag, Pulling DNA Samples and Deworming weanlings on YouTube here:


To accompany this video I also did an in-depth post within our private Facebook group. 


**Some of these topics are not currently outlined in our mentorship, but will be coming soon. As I stated above, I will also be posting content based on what I believe will be helpful at all stages of raising KuneKune and what is requested by our members.**



Email us at for further inquries. 



KuneKune Mentorship

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