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Our Story

Originally, our goal was to educate others by sharing our day-to-day successes and struggles in hopes that we could inspire others to grow their own food. 

That goal hasn't ended, but we realized there was a need to do more. We knew this may not be an option for others which is why we decided to start providing our local community with high quality, farm fresh products. 

Unless you grow your own food or personally know your local farmer it's impossible to truly know what you're eating. Looking to have farm fresh products weekly, but don't have the means to grow it yourself? Leave that part to us.


When we started Geraghty's Micro Farm, our goal was to be able to provide our family meals that came solely from our property. Let us give you the same opportunity to experience how fresh, home grown food differs from what you pick up at the local grocery store.


We are very transparent with how we raise our livestock and grow your food. Each and every animal enjoys the benefits of being rotationally grazed out on pasture. They are raised on locally sourced, whole grain, GMO free feeds from Homestead Harvest, located in Clear Spring, MD. 

The easiest way to guarantee fresh produce, meat and eggs on a weekly basis is to sign up for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share. When you sign up for our CSA you can expect to receive the bounties that we harvest from our garden for 20 weeks, which starts in June and ends in October of every year.


Sign ups open up in January of every year. In addition to your produce, you can look forward to pasture raised, GMO free chicken every other week and farm fresh eggs. Our intention is to provide our customers with a weekly box of items that will supply your family with several meals. 


In addition to our CSA program, we decided to open Geraghty's Market in 2021 every Friday & Sunday from 12-4. Learn more about our market here

A question we commonly receive is what is a Micro Farm and what exactly qualifies us as one?

When starting our homestead originally, we realized we are on a rather small footprint compared to the other farms around us. Which resulted in needing to maximize every square foot of our property and we wanted to give our farm a name to set us a part from larger farms.


We are adamant about showing others that you can do a lot with a little. It just takes good management skills. We rotationally graze all our animals, which in turn allows us to always have lush pasture readily available for them with each move. What used to be our front yard has turned into a space we grow food. 

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for our small, family farm. A huge thank you to those that continue to support our dream. 

- Josh, Dayna, Hadley & Gavin Geraghty

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