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Looking to have farm fresh products weekly, but don't have the means to grow it yourself?


Leave that part to us. When we started Geraghty's Micro Farm, our goal was to be able to provide our family meals that came solely from our property. Let us give you the same oppurtunity to experience how fresh, home grown food differs from what you pick up at our local grocery store. 


When you sign up for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share you can expect to receive the bounties that we harvest from our garden each and every week starting early June through late October. In addition to your produce, you can look forward to a pasture raised, GMO free chicken every other week (which will amount to 10 chickens), and farm fresh eggs. 


Our intention is to provide our cutsomers with a weekly basket of items that will supply your family with several meals. 

Produce & Pasture Raised Chicken Share

SKU: 001

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