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Indulge in the best of both worlds with our flavorful Porterhouse steak. This premium cut is meticulously sourced from the junction of the tenderloin and top loin, ensuring the perfect balance of tenderness and rich flavor in every bite. The tender, succulent filet mignon melts in your mouth, while the New York strip offers a satisfyingly robust taste. Whether you prefer your steak grilled, pan-seared, or broiled, our Porterhouse is sure to impress even the most discerning steak connoisseurs. Elevate your next dining experience with this impressive and delicious cut of beef.


1 steak per package average about 2lbs | Frozen | USDA Inspected | Vacuum Sealed


1 Pound
  • Available for local pickup only at Geraghty's Micro Farm. Be sure to select preferred pickup day/time at checkout. 

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