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Our humanely raised, pastured ground pork is made from the highest quality pork cuts from pigs that have been raised with care and respect. Our pigs are free to roam on spacious pastures, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviors and lead happy, stress-free lives. Our ground pork is perfect for creating delicious and flavorful dishes such as meatballs, burgers, and tacos. It is packed with natural flavor, making it a versatile and nutritious option for any meal. By choosing our humanely raised ground pork, you can feel good about where your food comes from and support ethical and sustainable farming practices. Trust in the quality and taste of our pastured pork and enjoy the difference that comes from being raised with integrity and care.


1 pound package | Frozen | USDA Inspected | Vacuum Sealed 

Ground Pork

1 Pound
  • Available for local pickup only at Geraghty's Micro Farm. Be sure to select preferred pickup day/time at checkout.

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