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When we started with pigs we used the traditional flip method. While this got the job done we quickly realized it resulted in stressed animals & took too much time/effort on our end. 

This is a one-of-a kind setup. Josh took months to lay out everything he wanted out of the system to give both the livestock and handler the best experience possible. We have now been using the protype for two years on our farm. It has paid for itself time and time again. 

The reason a setup like this was so important to us was because we focus heavily on humane handling and don’t want to cause undue stress to our livestock. 

Using our crate you will be able to effectively get accurate weights of your pigs, trim hooves, deworm, vaccinate, trim tusks, and/or doctor a sick/injured pig all stress free.

The Original KuneKune Pig Crate (Plans & Video ONLY)

Plans/Video will be sent in 2 weeks!
  • What to Expect:

    With the purchase of this bundle you will receive diagrams/plans to fabricate your own KuneKune Pig Crate. You will aslo receive a detailed video demonstrating fabrication of the crate from start to finish. 


    This DOES NOT include the metal needed to fabricate the crate itself. 


    These drawings and desgins are the property of Geraghty's Micro Farm and should not be copied, distributed or modified without written permission. 

    Additional Items

    The additional items are not included in the purchase of these drawings: winch or scale. Recommendations for these items will be included in the purchase.

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