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Introducing our flavorful and tender Boston Butt Roast (Bone-In), sourced from our pastured pork. Slow roast to perfection, this cut of meat creates succulent and juicy shredded pork, perfect for making delicious pulled pork sandwiches, adding to fresh salads, or incorporating into hearty rice bowls. The bone-in nature of this roast ensures maximum flavor and tenderness, making it an ideal choice for any pork lover. Our pastured pork is raised in a stress-free environment, providing the highest quality meat for your enjoyment. Elevate your meals with the mouthwatering taste of our Boston Butt Roast (Bone-In) and savor the best of our pastured pork.


Average Roast about 3.5lbs | Frozen | USDA Inspected | Vacuum Sealed

Boston Butt Roast (Bone-In)

1 Pound
  • Available for local pickup only at Geraghty's Micro Farm. Be sure to select preferred pickup day/time at checkout. 

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