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If you missed the news, we will be launching a new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) - a MEAT ONLY option.


As far as details, it will be a 10 week CSA that we'll launch quarterly.







This way it's not an extended commitment and you can decide how often you want to subscribe. Spots will be extremely limited as we need to ensure we can keep the market fully stocked on retail cuts.


Pickup will be every other Sunday at 1659 Apple Pie Ridge Road from 12-4 PM and will include 10lbs of beef and pork. So, a minimum of 50lbs total over the span of the CSA. It'll be a fantastic option for those who might be tight on freezer space but still crave the best in wholesale meat! 


A typical pick up will include a minimum of 10lbs of our premium dry aged Angus beef and pasture raised KuneKune pork. It'll be a mix of premium cuts such as steaks, mid range cuts such as roasts, ground meats & additional add ons such as bone broth, lard or tallow. 


Your share will be comprised of the follow based on inventory that week:



Ground beef | Ancestral Blend

Premium Steaks (New York Strip, Porterhouse, T-Bone, etc.)

Mid Range Steaks (Sirloin Tip, Chuck Steak, etc.)

Roasts (Chuck, Sirloin, London Broil, etc.)

Beef Bone broth | Tallow | Marrow Bones




Ground Pork

Flavored Ground Sausages (Sweet Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Chorizo)

Links or Grillers (Sweet Breakfast , Kielbasa, Garlic Rosemary)

Roasts (Picnic, Boston Butt)

Pork Chops

Spare Ribs


Pork Bone Broth | Lard


A $700+ value for just $629. 

Beef & Pork CSA

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