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Social Media for Your Homestead (or any small business!)

This will be a VIRTUAL workshop held via ZOOM, so no need to be local to us! Link to the workshop will be sent prior to the date.


Two dates available: Monday, April 8th from 6-8pm EST and Saturday, April 27th from 6-8pm EST.


I know the desire to homestead for those local to us is on the rise, which has brought me so much joy. To each of you that visit, comment or message and tell me about your own journey to raise your food please know this makes my day.


We need more people doing what we do. I say it all the time & I’ll say it again: we can’t feed the entire world, but we can feed our local community.


Let’s bring back the days of going to our neighbors to get the necessities we need. Working together to better our skills. Growing, harvesting and preserving our own food.


We live in a world where many small businesses are found using devices such as your phone or computer. While it wasn't always a necessity to have a social media presence, I will spend time explaining why I think it's an essential aspect of having a successful business.


I’ll be covering topics such as:

• How to create a social media account & things to consider.

• How to effectively share your story & get it seen.

• Provide examples of different content ideas.

• How to create your brand.

• Marketing techniques.

• Q&A session

& more!


I’d love to have you join me and learn more about how to elevate your social media platforms.

Social Media for Your Homestead

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