Pasture Raised | GMO Free Chicken Share

Here at Geraghty's Micro Farm it is our mission to raise our livestock the way they're entitled to. Our food deserves better and we'd like to give our community the oppurtinity to get to know their local farmers again. 


That's why you'll find our Cornish Cross chickens peacfully foraging on fresh pasture as they live out their lives stress free. We raise our chickens in small, controlled batches and are processed on our farm. 


With this CSA share you can fill your freezer full of fresh, pasture raised, GMO free whole chickens. From the months of June through October we will have 3 predetermined "pick-up" dates where we will have 8 whole cornish cross chickens ready for you. Which will amount to 24 chickens over the span of our CSA program.


** Our chickens average at 6lbs, which breaks down to about $3.50/lb ** (this is an estimate and not a guarenteed weight/price per pound) **

Pasture Raised | GMO Free Chicken Share

$648.00 Regular Price
$504.00Sale Price
  • ** Available for local pickup only. **

  • Our pasture raised chicken share is geared more towards those that may already have their own garden or are looking for a better source for high quality chicken. 🐔

    Unlike most other farms in our area, we raise our chickens on our farm from day one AND process them on our property. This eliminates the stress they would otherwise endure on harvesting day, which ultimately results in a healthier end product.

    Did you know when animals are stressed they release adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones that are present in the meat after they’re harvested? 🤔 This is why animal welfare is so important to us. ❤️

    Our livestock is treated with the utmost respect. Happy & healthy animals results in a significantly higher quality of meat, trust me when I say you can literally taste the difference. 🙌🏻

    Our chickens live out their lives on fresh pasture, foraging for bugs and eating locally sourced/Non-GMO chicken feed. Which is how they are intended to live.

    We raise our chickens in three batches throughout a six month span. Which allows us to give them the attention they deserve & allows our customers to pick them up a few at a time versus all at once. Pick up dates will be scheduled on three different days - the first one being in June and the last in September.

    This CSA option for 24 chickens will have 8 whole, processed chickens per pickup. As far as price, this share is $504 ($3.50/lb). **Our average weight per chicken is 6lbs (this is an estimate based off pervious years and not a guarantee)**

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss our options further please don’t hesitate to send us a message! We have a very limited amount of shares this year, so don’t wait to signup or you’ll have to wait until next year to snag one. ☺️

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