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$4.99/lb based off the hang weight. 

Estimated about 325-350lbs

Plus processing fees:

  • $1.15/lb (based off hang weight)
  • $37.50 flat rate for dispatch fee
  • $9 one-time fee for steaks requested 1 per package versus 2 per package


$500 deposit - which goes towards your final payment due at pickup. 


Will come USDA inspected and vacuum sealed. We use Gentle Harvest Custom Processing, which is 2.5 miles from our farm. They are Certified Animal Welfare Approved which is based on the guidelines of the American Meat Institute, but goes a step further.


Our cattle are grassfed and finished out on locally sourced, GMO free feed from Homestead Harvest in Clearspring, MD for the last 3 months before harvest. This results in beautifully marbled meat with a rich flavor. 


You will get to choose exactly what cuts you receive back by filling out a cut sheet before your selected drop off date. Our beef is dry aged 21 days and will be available for pickup about 4 weeks after drop off. 


Customer Reviews

  • "I’ve got to say, I’m not usually a ground beef lover so I was a bit worried when I saw how much we got. But holy COW (pun intended), this is the BEST ground beef I’ve ever had. Nothing compares to this flavor and richness."
  • "Our 11 year old who dislikes steak thinks everything we’ve had was amazing! It really is a testament to how these cows were raised and processed. We’ll never go back to store bought steak. I don’t even want to get it when out at a restaurant anymore."

Beef - 1/2 Share Deposit

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