12 Pasture Raised, GMO Free Chicken Eggs
  • Local to Winchester, VA and in need of some high quality eggs?!


    Some of you may be thinking "An egg is an egg, right?" But have you ever compared a store bought eggs to an egg from a chicken on whole grain, non-GMO chicken feed that is pasture raised their entire life? There's a shocking difference! Scroll through our photos to see how pale and dull a store bought eggs is. Then, an egg from one of our chickens - which is rich and vibrant.


    As far as size - our chickens are bantams which puts their eggs two to one compared to a large egg. (See scale for reference)


    We also implemented a loyalty program for our customers. We appreciate the support we've gotten from every single one of you. So, we would like to extend the gratitude. 


    For every 11 dozen eggs you purchase from us you'll receive the 12th dozen FREE OF CHARGE. 

    12 Pasture Raised, GMO Free Chicken Eggs

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