Nigerian Dwarf 

Nigerian Dwarf goats are the smallest breed of dairy goats and originated in West Africa. Nigerians have gained popularity because of their small size, color variations, and wonderful temperaments

With having to utilize every acre of our farm meticulously, their small stature originally appealed to my husband and I because they do not require as much space or feed as a larger dairy breed.

Nigerians make the perfect homestead dairy goat, 4-H project, and are shown competitively across the United States. 

Did you know, goat milk is the most widely consumed form of milk outside of the U.S.?

This is by no accident either, goat milk (compared to cows milk) is far easier for the human body to digest. This is due to the proteins contained in goat milk.


Another interesting fact about the breed is that they contain the highest butterfat content (6-10%) of dairy goats which gives it that rich, creamy flavor. 

Goats in general are also an asset for pasture management! We use our goats throughout our property to clean up pastures of unwanted weeds or invasive plants. 

We offer an extensive variety of bloodlines for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for an addition to your family dairy herd, 4-H project, or registered breeding stock we can meet your needs.