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Black Valley Provender comes to Geraghty's Market

Farmers helping farmers.

t’s clear you all would like your farm to table foods back, as we knew you all would.

We are thrilled to share with you that we will be partnering with Alana & Joe of Black Valley Provender to meet all your needs.

Their offerings are truly a masterpiece, every single dish. Zero exceptions. So much thought, care and attention to detail to each aspect.

Another bonus? Alana has owned, bred and shaped many KuneKune herds across the United States since 2009. We have personally purchased pigs from Black Valley Farm KuneKune Pigs so to work with her at this capacity is especially special.

We have visited and enjoyed several meals at The Provender and left speaking about our experience the entire way home. They’re just a short drive to Everett, PA if you’d like to visit yourself - tell them we sent you! You can find them at 10 E Main St. Everett, PA 15537


Black Valley Provender Offerings

We will be handling preordering a little differently this time. We will still have all the items listed below on Sunday if you do not wish to preorder. This is just to guarantee your items for pick-up. You will need to purchase your items at the time of checkout to complete your preorder. We will also only have a limited quantities of each item available for preorder to ensure we do not sell out before Sunday. 

Sunday, October 8th Menu

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