What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

We understand that CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) may not be a term all our customers are familiar with, so here's a little bit of information about how they evolved

CSA's originated in Japan in the 1960's - to help others have a better understanding of where their food came from. The United States adapted this concept in the 1980's. 

Essentially members of a farmers local community purchase a "share" of what said farm is growing. In return, those members get to reap the benefits of what is harvested on a weekly, bi-weekly or a pre-determined timeframe. 

It is a passion of ours to not only provide local families with farm fresh products, but also teach them how their food should be raised. 

We look forward to helping those in our community gain a lasting relationship with one of their local farmers, learn how to become a member here


How our CSA Program is Different

Most CSA's you'll see farms offer will consist of just fresh produce. We wanted to be able to offer something a little different. Our goal is to be able to provide families with the ingredients to cook entire meals. That's why you can expect to find the following throughout the duration of our 20 week produce and pasture raised chicken program.

• Each box will contain roots, fruits, greens & herbs. 

• Every other box will contain a dozen chicken eggs. 10 dozen total throughout the length of the CSA. 

• Every other box will contain 1 whole, pasture raised chicken. 10 in total. 

• Fresh cut flower arrangements as available. 

• Occasional homemade soaps as a fun add-on. 

• Canned goods here and there such as salsa, pasta sauce, pickles, etc. 

• Plus, you can look forward to a few other surprise items as a thank you for supporting our farm! 




Unless you grow your own food or personally know your local farmer it's impossible to truly know what you're eating. That's why you'll find we are very transparent with how we raise our livestock. Each and every animal enjoys the benefits of living out on pasture and is raised on locally sourced, whole grain, non-GMO feeds from Homestead Harvest located in Clear Spring, Maryland.