1st Generation Farmers | Winchester, VA

Thanks for visiting our website and taking the time out of your day to learn about what we’re up to! We are Josh & Dayna Geraghty - our dream of starting our own homestead began 5 years ago while we were living in a townhouse in the city.

Originally, our goal was to educate others by sharing our day-to-day successes and struggles in hopes that we could inspire others to grow their own food. 

We live in a society where it isn't normal to raise your own food, and we're here to change that.

That goal hasn't ended, but we realized we needed to do more. We knew this may not be an option for others which is why we decided to start providing our local community with high quality, farm fresh products. 



I'm sure you all are wondering, what makes us a Micro Farm

and is there even such a thing?


Compared to other farms surrounding us, we're on a rather small footprint. Which results in us needing to raise livestock that is more manageable and easier on the land. When planning our homestead, we needed to maximize each and every square foot.

Which is why you'll find several different breeds of bantam chickens happily free ranging our property. They spend their days foraging for bugs, taking dust baths in the summer sun, or scratching through our gardens and eating fallen harvest. In return, we collect the perfectly portioned, high quality eggs from their nesting boxes daily. 


In another pasture you'll find some spotted, furry pigs known as KuneKune. (pronounced cooney cooney) I'm sure you all are thinking "Pigs are dirty, smelly, and destroy everything right?!" This is a complete misconception! Their adorable little snouts allow them to graze on grass and not disturb the soil excessively. Learn more by selecting the link below. 




Last, but not least, you'll stumble upon our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats tucked away in a pasture in the back of our property. I'm sure you all could guess this by now, they are the smallest and most adorable breed of dairy goats. They supply us with rich and creamy milk.  




Unless you grow your own food or personally know your local farmer it's impossible to truly know what you're eating. That's why you'll find we are very transparent with how we raise our livestock. Each and every animal enjoys the benefits of living out on pasture and is raised on locally sourced, whole grain, non-GMO feeds from Homestead Harvest located in Clear Spring, Maryland.